Viaccord Business Consulting

VIACCORD Business Consulting

Founded in 2017, Viaccord is a young and dynamic company specialized in subcontracting & industrial consulting.

Our proficiencies acquired on international projects allow us to insure our customers and partners against the requirements of the activities of the automotive industry.


VIACCORD adopts a proactive and pragmatic approach enabling clients and industries to achieve their targets.

Thanks to our local skills in Turkey, we advise and guide our clients with a pragmatic approach in order to optimize their profits within the framework of the projects.


VİACCORD strives to bring its know-how to its clients within the framework of a partnership approach while evolving in parallel with its clients on ambitious projects.

Who are we?

VİACCORD is a company that offers services to its customers such as; the management of electrical, mechanical and automation construction projects, outsourcing solutions as a labour service, and production of mechanical parts in various sectors, particularly in the automotive industry.

Based in Bursa, Turkey, VİACCORD continues to grow with international partnerships on local projects. Thanks to its professional approach, Viaccord has obtained the opportunity to work on industrial projects such as BJA (Renault Clio 5) since its creation.

Our strength is to offer you our services in a flexible way according to your needs.